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Summer💕 Photo creds to Me: Bella Judd


For every reblog this gets, I will murder one of my classmates and carve your url into their spine. 

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Summer 2k13

So happy to finally be in Florida!💕
#teamiphone #finally

Last day of school tmr💕💕💕 im going to die! Eeeeerppppp


you’re lying if you say that you’ve never recorded yourself singing because you were sure you were talented, then were so disappointed when you listened to it over that you deleted it and pretended it never happened

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Please read you will know it if it you.

We used to not get along. Now we get along really well and are best friends. Im not judging you, you can do whatever you want with your life i just think you are choosing the wrong path. You can smoke weed and sneak out i don’t give a shit but i think that you shouldn’t because we are going to not get along as much anymore because you have changed. You barely talk to me, i miss you and we usually get along really well. You just have changed so much that we cant be friends forever because you choose different thing than me, you choose weed, i choose good grades and being a good kid. I know nobody is perfect but you make me cry sometimes because you do things that upset me. I want to try and help but you don’t want help. I try to talk to you as much as i can but its hard because i live else wheee. I hope your reading this because i would be really happy and help you as much as i can trough this. I don’t know what made you choose this path, the people you hang out with or just something in your mind. I feel like i don’t know you anymore..i hope we will always be friends and you don’t take things to far with drugs and this new life style. I hope this doesn’t change anything between us. But i hope that you will pick friends over weed, me over weed. Because we are best friends. But its hard when I’m across the country and you are changing over on the other side. I hope you dont let things get between us or let things get really bad. I love you💕 i know that deep inside you still have the old you. You can tell me things still you always say you need friends you have me I’m just not there all the time. Youll always have me.


They’re called eyebrows cause my eyes be browsing yo fine ass 

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Q’d, studying for finals.